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special event catering

Wedding Decor
Elegant Event Tent
Tropical Wedding
Wedding Cake
Happy Couple
Wedding Tent
Creative Wedding Decoration
Wedding Table
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Elegant Dining
Chef at Work
Fresh Chicken Salad
Melted Chocolate
Purple Themed Wedding
Saddlebrook drive in 2
Saddlebrook Drive in
Chicken Skewers
Fancy Desserts
Restaurant Party Celebration
Final Touches
Grilled Antipasti Canapes
Wedding Kiss
Wedding Family Photos
Wedding Desserts
Ready to Serve
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Health Shake
Bike to work 1
Dessert matte
Salmon Breast
Chicken Breast
Onion rings
Bruschetta Bites
Salad Preparation
Mini Burgers

After more than two decades in the kitchen, Evolution Catering's team of chefs provide culinary genius that continues to challenge the creative edge of North American dining and special events. Our fine-dining roots inspire a unique approach to catering, with a strong focus on our farm to table mantra. Regardless of event size, envisioned style or season, Evolution brings warm hospitality, handcrafted dishes and personalized planning to each event.

​By using a variety of global flavors and the very best of local Westcoast and Alberta wild ingredients, our Evolution chefs will tell your story through food. From our latest on-trend cuisine innovations to traditional classics, we will create flavorful memories customized for you and your guests.  Our mobile kitchens allow virtually any location from Rocky Mountain peak to the shores of the Pacific ocean, we are prepared to serve a world class service.

As an exclusive caterer for many of the industry's celebrity personalities, premier cultural, corporate and entertainment centers, Evolution Catering will bring any backdrop to life! Whether it’s an opening-night reception, a boutique wedding, a spirited award show, a private chef for an intimate dining experience or a large corporate event, our team brings you inventive seasonal cuisine and creates a world-class experience you and your guests will always remember.  Ask us for our special event resume!

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