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indigenous community industry relations 

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indigenous partnerships and commitments

Evolution Camp Services is building positive relationships with Canada's Indigenous community, and is engaged in active and strategic management of our relations and partnerships.  Strong forged relationships with our crews ensure reliability and successful delivery of a product quality and value in the most remote locations.  We have developed extensive training protocols to ensure our employment positions are offered to local and Indigenous communities and are prepared to navigate the challenges of working within remote camp locations.  

We believe that partnerships with Indigenous communities can be so much more than just an economic opportunity. The Indigenous community can add value to our company and in turn, our services provide multitudes of employment opportunities, and skills training back to the communities.  The vision of the Indigenous communities can work in stride with our ideal to build relationships, create sustainable resources and essentially results in mutual beneficial natural resource projects and productive, positive relationships.

Alignment of aims, purpose and values between staff, teams and organization is the most fundamental aspect of motivation.  We aim to work with our partners to create mutual success.  Creating positive and productive relationships is our goal, where both our company's needs and our partner's needs are fulfilled.

Problem-solving is integral to decision-making.  People who can solve problem creatively can make decisions - and organizations need their staff and employees to have these abilities.  We engage our First Nations partners and provide the tools to enable our employees to make productive decisions.  Introducing people, staff or employees to new experiences opens their minds to new avenues of personal development, and emphasize the opportunity for continuous learning that is available to us all.

One of our strongest goals at Evolution is to work in partnership together with suppliers to incorporate the local communities, and it's renewable resources.  For example, community gardens and buying fresh local product.  Aiding in creating a need for a provision, creating small business opportunities that assist in a sustainable, strong, economic growth within the indigenous communities.  

A prime exemplification is our experience in Deception Bay, Nunavut.  A member of our principle management team, Bob Bedard, sourced local fisherman and encouraged the application of commercial tags so that we could purchase local product and support the community while providing a fresh regional and sustainable product for the camp.  The local fisherman sold over 1000 fresh fish to the camp providing a prosperous situation for all involved.  

Within Evolution and it's partnerships, we strive to provide attainable goals that assist in providing opportunities to Indigenous people and their communities while also assisting in fulfilling our goals of building strong partnerships and successful relationships that nurture our company, and it's surrounding communities.

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