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bob bedard 

Managing Partner, Indigenous Community Industry Relations

Corporate Executive Chef, Robert Bedard, Canadian born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, began to shape his career at a very young age.  Earning a degree in Business Management, and a Culinary degree, Bob has nurtured his passion for food, in the restaurant industry, then on to change the face of the Vancouver Film Catering industry for which he has become a leader in his class.  


His early journey led him to management positions at several popular franchise restaurants,

where he then ventured to such culinary facilities as the BC Club of GM Place, contracted by Aramark.  Menu development to systems implementation and kitchen management fell under Chef Bedard's umbrella of responsibility.  These positions aided in instilling a solid understanding of large group catering events, team management and eventually, led to a more formal style of culinary training.


Bob journeyed on to earn his Culinary Graduate degree  in the heart of one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world.  Upon completion of his degree, Bob accepted an apprenticeship position at Le Petite Geneve in West Vancouver. Trained under acclaimed world culinary champion, Gerhard Pichler, whose strict European culinary practices led Bob to follow in his footsteps, creating a strong foundation to further build his career.  


Bob’s next advancement was the booming Vancouver Film Catering Industry, where he eventually met his wife and former chef, Tamara Bedard and together, formed a partnership that changed the face of film catering.  Ever the entrepreneur, he made a formidable name for himself and his companies, Cinema Scenes Film Catering and Evolution Camp Services, which have become two of the most prominent, industry leading film catering companies in Western Canada.

With an earned respect from his peers, Chef Bedard prides himself in providing the cast and crews he works with, to an extraordinary experience that rivals all others in the industry.  He has raised film catering to a higher level and creates a fresh, innovative and much healthier approach to a waning industry craft. This specialty niche has presented Bob with the unique and exclusive opportunity to provide chef services to high profile celebrities and film executives alike, creating an impressive resume. 


Bob's culinary interests led him to explore management in the heart of the Oil and Gas Industry and Remote Camp services companies, where he was afforded the position of Corporate Executive Chef of Outland Camps, a Canada wide service company for which Bob streamlined and installed systems to improve the culinary experience and safety protocols in camp service.  Bob oversaw in excess of 62 camps across Canada, from Oil and Gas, to mineral extraction and government fire based SRD and military training camps.


Bob’s knowledge of large number catering and multi unit management contributes to the growing industry needs.  Maintaining Indigenous relations, multi-level supplier negotiations, the creation of extensive crew training facilities in High River and Morely, Alberta, and vast rebate programs were a daily requirement.  Saddlebrook, an extensive camp community that was built to house and aid in the relocation of the displaced flood victims in High River, became the leading training facility for which Bob developed and refined a higher level of education for camp cooks. This opportunity, allowed Bob to alter how the industry receives remote camp catering.  His management of the Flood relief camp kitchens, saw an innovative concept and design, of three recognized restaurants which eventually earned him and his team, the ‘Hero Of The Flood’ award, presented by the premiere of Alberta.


Feeling the need to make a difference and bring industry based Camp catering to a new standard to reflect the environmental awareness of today’s growing generations, and to bring food to the table that is sourced through his culinary philosophy which reflects the ‘farm to table’ mantra, Chef Bob Bedard has created Evolution Camp Services.  His company is geared to building strong industry relationships built on trust, quality, and a fresher, cleaner and more sustainable future. 


Bob Bedard, is a CFAR member in good standing, Circle for Aboriginal Relations, and was invited to attend and speak at the 2015 conference for the sole purpose of developing trusted relationships moving forward in the camp catering business.  Bob is a candidate for the inaugural class of University of Alberta Certificate of Indigenous Community Industry Relations and continues to develop our Indigenous community strengthening and education.  Currently developing corporate catering facilities in the heart of Calgary with central offices based out of the city center and the ability to provide remote catering services, he is once again breaking industry ground.


When the apron is off, Bob spends his time between family and his participation in volunteer work for the Ronald MacDonald Foundation, Make a Wish - Children’s Wish Foundation, and most currently, the CF24 Special Olympics 2015.  He is furthering his training on a continuing basis and is currently studying to complete his CCC Accreditation, which is the professional designation considered to be the highest rung in the career ladder for Chefs in Canada.  It represents an acknowledgment of skills and experience through participation in a training program.


Throughout his achievements, he incorporates his passion for seasonal, sustainable living – and the artisan purveyors who make it possible. His unique perspective on good food and healthy living, inspires friends and family to create meaningful memories around the table. His passion for a food-centric life is shared with his wife, Tamara, and his four growing children.

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