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Motion Picture Catering

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Evolution motion picture division

Evolution Camp Services has served the film catering industry for over 25 years during some of the busiest industry runs in Canada and continues to do so.  ECS takes pride in providing the Cast and Crews we work with, to an extraordinary experience that rivals all others in the industry.  Evolution has created a fresh innovative and much healthier approach to a waning industry craft, therefore raising the bar and quality expectations on film sets across the country.  The dietary requirements of an active and diverse film crew can vary greatly.  Especially given the trend toward health-conscious yet comforting diets.  Our diverse clientele is increasingly emphasizing food quality and nutrition as part of a healthier, active and complex lifestyle and work environment.

Motion Picture Catering requires the expertise to provide a vast array of specialty dietary regimes, while creating a fine balance between comforting, healthful and clean eating experiences for celebrity personalities and crews alike, from all around the world. Film Industry Catering is a craft unlike any other.  As the industry evolves and adapts, so too must the chefs that feed the cast and crews.  This fast paced industry business requires a caterer with an elaborate knowledge of the industry and culinary traits.  One who can maintain a flexible approach with the ability to produce a fine quality service under the most challenging locations, weather diversity, and consistently deliver top quality food service on the move.  Evolution Camp Service provides exactly this, with an edge.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Bob Bedard, owner of Evolution, as my Caterer since 1999.  Catering service on film and television sets is an incredibly challenging position, with a requirement for delivering service to cast and crews with a diverse level of tastes, with the further complication for a high expectation for service under very unique and challenging circumstances.  From thousands of feet up the side of a mountain in sub zero temperatures via Snowcat, to open fields and remote coastal locations, Bob has never failed to deliver great food.  Bob is definitely my first choice, and is the most professional, ethical and dedicated Caterers in the entertainment business.  He is a critical and integral part of any production and a I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any production company."

Brian Leslie Parker-Producer/Production Manager

Credits include - Inception, Hemlock Grove, Hell on Wheels, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Grey, Open Range, Don't Say a Word, Urban Legend, Shanghai Noon and Emmy Award winning producer for work on the TV Series Avonlea 

Brian is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Directors Guild of Canada for 27 years

"Thank you for the most delicious meals... With love from my heart.  Have a drink on me!" 

Halle Berry -  Frankie and Alice / X-men / Things We Lost in the Fire

"I'll starve until I see you again" -Hilary Swank The Core

"Thanks for all the nutritious and healthy food and for making it taste so good!  Exceptional is an understatement!" - Jason Statham - Chaos 

"I am writing this letter in regards to Bob Bedard/Evolution, and highly recommend him for his work in the food services industry.  I am a Producer/Production Manager in the Alberta Film Industry and have known Bob for over a decade during which he has provided catering services to many of our film and television productions.  Bob has always proven to be a reliable, consistent caterer, going above and beyond 'the norm' which our industry seems to demand.  In this day of special diets, Bob and his company always provide top quality food no matter the requests.  Wether it be a small or large production budget, I can always depend on Bob to supply the best.      

Doug Steedan - Jordan Films Inc

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